Configuring Your APN Settings

Jagoan uses the available Internet connection of your mobile device. You can configure Jagoan to connect via Wi-Fi, APN or Automatic from the "Options" menu. Please set up the APN connection of your mobile device before you use Jagoan. The following guide takes you through the steps to configure the APN of your device.


Step 1: Open up BlackBerry "Options"
Step 2: Select "Advanced Options"
Step 3: Select "TCP/IP"
Step 4: Check "APN Settings Enabled" and use the APN settings for your mobile carrier (see settings below)
Step 5: Press the BlackBerry menu button and "Save" changes.


APN : indosatgprs
Username : indosat
Password : indosat


Username : gprs
Password : im3
Authentication : Normal


APN : Telkomsel
Username : wap
Password : wap123


Username : xlgprs
Password : proxl


APN : 3gprs
Username : 3gprs
Password : 3gprs

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